Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

It was scorchio out there. I picked up the race from Stage 3 and followed it from there to the finish. The might that is Chepstow put out three full teams - so a big well done to Field Marshal Lou and everyone who helped along the way. As to the results I'm pretty sure the B Team took the first B Team prize - yeah - just a shame I was seconded into the not winning A Team at the last minute - yeah. Gone was my Monmouth to Raglan 12 miler for the B Team. In its place the all too short 5.5 mile final stage for the A Team. I knew it was too short and fast but I gave my best.

I'd heard several reports that the last half mile was a real steep climb to the finish. I decided there was no point in taking it easy to get to the hill. How much time could I gain on the hill if I held something back? Not a lot was my thinking so I went hard from the off. I was actually surprised how up and down the route was before The Hill. There were no big hills on route - apart from The Big One of course - but there was a lot of tough undulations along the way. I think I did OK. My time of 38:48 was about where I thought I'd be and I honestly couldn't have tried any harder. My problem is that my five mile pace isn't a lot faster than my ten or fifteen...

The big question is whether I managed to stay within four minutes of the third place team runner. I'm certain they were ahead of me. If I was within four minutes of them then the A Team was second. If I didn't then we're relegated to third....

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