Friday, May 25, 2012

Day Fourteen

and I've been watering my potatoes - shh, no. Oh yeah, and of course there was the speed session. Boy am I hot now. There is literally steam coming off me. I increased last week four reps to six. Although to be fair I was a little slower this time out but I blame that on the heat. I'm pleased that my renewed vigor for training is continuing. I'd like to call it enthusiasm but I really don't have any, so vigor it is and that's despite a still slightly erratic work schedule. By the time I finish the month I will have worked about an extra week's worth of hours.

So that's my two week training plan complete. I didn't achieve all the goals but I did achieve the main ones, namely two hill sessions and two speed session. Tomorrow I'm going to try the Parkrun again and then chill out so I'm ready for Sunday's Rack Raid. While I'm chilling I shall plan my training for the week ahead although it will probably be quite light so I am ready for Ennerdale next Saturday. I'll probably just run one hill session early doors and call it a day...

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