Monday, May 28, 2012

Lets Hear It For The Silver Medal

OK, so there was no medal. I'm just bloody glad I managed to run within four minutes of the San Domenico runner. In fact I only lost a mere 1 minute and 15s. I'll take that. All in all a good outcome from the Rack Raid Relay both in terms of the running and in terms of a social day out in the sun.

Having a restful evening right about now. I was knackered this morning after yesterday tiring day. The batteries are recharging - and they'll need to be if I'm to survive Ennerdale on Saturday. Need to start making plans on that front. First up, the route. I think I might need a rough idea of where I'm meant to run. Totally not ready for a mountainous 23 miles in the Lakes but hey ho, in for a penny. I'll get round one way or another... 

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