Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Entered Ennerdale, Excellent

OK, not quite but the forms are filled in. I just need to get them to the postbox - on time. Got a few days left... What value though. At just £9 that works out at a mere 40p a mile - bargain! And if you can't be arsed with the math that makes it a race of 23 miles - the 7,000 feet of ascent are thrown in for free - bargain city Arizona. Maybe I'll get a bit of focus on the training front - wot with only three weeks to go an' all...

Maybe not.. Been a long 'ol day at work but home now and relaxing. Probably headed for more of the same tomorrow but things are headed in the right direction so I mustn't grumble. The training will just have to wait a day or two more..

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