Saturday, May 05, 2012

Fitting It All In

Been busy this morning. This yer goodlife stuff doesn't look after itself. Had to crack on with all the chores as later I'm hitting town with the Wrinklies. Lock up your dau... ooh, that sounds wrong. I'll stop that line of enquiry right there.

And now for the boring bit. Got the grass cut - boring, yawn - but it needed doing. Heaped the tatties - that's my terminology for piled mud around 'em - more yawing I'm afraid - but like the grass, it needed doing if I'm to get a tasty crop later in the year. Tended to the tomatoes - can't believe they're up to around three foot already! Watered the rest of the plants and most excitingly - OK, maybe not, cue more yawning - my beetroot has started to show - ooh, matron, sssh, no, better tuck it back in. Seriously though, the beetroot is just starting to burst forth. Need to work out what I'm going to do with my onions - no, sssh, stop it.

Managed to fit in a small run this morning and now I'm finishing things off with an hour on the bike. Then chill time before the drive down to Bristol. This boy's gonna be back in town...

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