Monday, May 14, 2012

Day Three

Hill Reps - and what a shock to the system. I can't remember the last time I did a session of hill reps. Not that my set of four can be considered a proper session but you have to start somewhere. The road to running redemption is not meant to be an easy one - if it was I would have done it months ago.

I arrived home from work in determined mood. I was not going to bottle today's training. Kit on and out the door for the 3.5k run to my hill in Flaxley Wood. The run there and back again, in itself, has about 500 feet of ascent - I was almost knackered before I started. The session itself was a lowly four hill reps of 500m by 200 feet of ascent. I managed each one in just over three minutes. Now that's not very good but I honestly couldn't go any faster. At least I didn't surrender to the walk - although some might say they could have walked quicker. With all four reps under my belt I ran back home.

In all I covered about 10k and 1,300 feet of ascent. More important than how quickly I ran - or more aptly, how slowly. More important than how few repetitions I ran is the fact that I got myself out there and did it - and that hasn't happened in a focused manner for months (and months). Can't even remember the last time I ran three days in a row.

The big question now is, will I manage Day Four?...

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