Friday, May 11, 2012

And Now For The Gardening Report

It's been a while since I posted about my small, round tubers - oooh.

My tomatoes are past four foot high and climbing. Small flower heads are forming - is that good? Too early? You might have guessed I'm no expert but it seems early. Mind, growing in the conservatory perhaps it'll just be an early crop - or not. I don't flippin' know.

The herbs are continuing to come along nicely. The basil has stalled a little but it's still growing - and I've even managed to use some in my cooking already - mmmm, mmm. The Coriander knows no bounds - but I think I want it to get some. Shall I chop a few of the massive stalks off next time I harvest instead of just taking the leaves? Will new shoots form? Guess I'll see in a few weeks...

The beetroot is now on its way and I'll soon have to thin out the weakest - only the strong can survive in my Darwinian garden. My three chilli's are still looking strong. Is six inches good? - don't be so smutty. Hopefully that's normal - I said, don't be so smutty - and they naturally grow slowly. I guess I'm expecting to see them fire up like the tomatoes - use the patience, Luke, use the patience.

And finally I've completed the second cover up of the secret potato plot - ssh, it's a secret. Those bad boys seem to be pushing onwards and upwards strongly. Oh and a quick mention to the garlic which is also looking good - I just hope it's split or done what ever the hell it does...

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