Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day Two

And the training continues. Today's 12.4k completed in a reasonable hour and ten. Now I agree that does sound a little slow until you factor in the 1,500 feet of ascent. It was a case of back to old faithful, my Longhope Three Peaks route.

It was a bit cooler out there today but the visibility from May Hill was good and I could just about make out Lord H's Knob in the far distance - the dirty old man. I took it fairly steady but worked on the climbs and despite wanting to stop at times on the steeper bits, I didn't. Despite being cooler, the increased effort on the climbs meant I was still sweating like a b£$7@*d come the end.

Now I just need to keep up the momentum that's building and hop on the bike for an hour. Here goes nothing...

The Longhope Three Peaks...

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