Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day Six

Back to it! Haven't run a set of speed reps for literally years - not that my reps were particularly speedy. The rep in question was 700m up the main street of the village. The odd numbered reps were slightly up hill and - you guessed it - the even's back down again. I had no idea how fast to set off. What pace could I maintain for 700 metres? Who cares and off I went. 2 minutes 37. Despite being a lot slower than once I ran, my lungs were pumping and my legs wobbly. Oh god, shoot me.

Marker down I spent the two minute recovery breathing deeply to prepare for the next. Downhill - toot. Two minutes elapsed and off I went again. It felt easier going downhill - at first - but with the slightly quicker pace, with 150 to go, I was still praying for the end to come. Pushing, pushing to the finish. 2 minutes 23. Thank goodness I managed a quicker one on the return but my legs felt knackered and I'd only run two reps. Oh well, at least I was only intending to start with a measley four - I had an inkling it would be bloody tough and I'd not manage any more than that. Cue the two minute recovery.

Back up hill, rep number three, 2:39. Pleased with that - and midly surprised because my legs turned to mush in the last fifty. The final two minute recovery up and I headed back for the finale and another lung crunching 2:23. Job done, I jogged home.

Despite being a bit pathetic I'm pleased I got out there after another long day at work. Last week I would have simply slumped on the sofa on arrival home. This week I got out there. True, I had a bit of slip yesterday but I countered that today. I am determined to keep plugging away at this running lark until I'm back - and beyond. Every day in, some small way, I'm going to get a little faster...

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