Thursday, March 24, 2011

Short On Work

Longer on exercise. OK, that's a bit misleading as I did go to work and I was there longer than I exercised for but relative to normal, things were more that way than normal.

I got up late and headed in for 10 and left at the normal time. I even managed to box clever on the drive home to avoid the pain of the Huntley road works - tossers - but I wasn't a victim today. A slightly longer route saved me ten minutes in the long run. And talking of running, Martin and I headed out for the Dundry loop. I felt leaden but got road in a reasonably decent 31:15. Not my quickest but only a minute back and to be honest it felt far slower. I stayed the distance well despite not feeling springy or quick. Martin kicked my sorry ass yet again, coming home in around twenty nine and a half.

On other matters, we've entered the Bitton Road Relays on the 3rd of April. The might of Bristol Water won't exactly conquer all before us but we'll enjoy the event. Still a runner short on account of the ever completely unreliable Clive T having shied off. I know he'd enjoy it if only he could understand that, yes, it is completely acceptable to be slower than you were thirty years ago and in no way will people judge - well, maybe I would, but nobody else would - just kidding. If only he'd forget the time and soak up the atmosphere and just enjoy. Oh well.

Tonight I finished off on the bike and some sit-ups - got keep sharpening the ol'abs...

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