Friday, March 25, 2011

Bit Of A Disappointment

With such fantastic weather I was fully planning to run through the woods on my arrival home. I wasn't going to be getting all naked through the blue bells though - you can get arrested for that in some places, although probably not in the Forest of Dean, thaim got strange laws up yer.

Anyway, as I departed from work and made my way to the M5 motorway - or as I like to call it, Hell - I detected a disparity in the space time continuum near junction 13. That is to say my traffic app on my Android phone was showing total closure. Think man. Think man. How do I avoid this? - yes, the voices in my head were back.

So thinking on my feet - well, more my 'seat' actually - I decided to head west - luckily I had my Stetson and those spikey, wheely things that go on the back of your boots - spurs, that's them - for it can get a bit 'wild' across the bridge to Chepstow and beyond..... I even managed to get my weekly shop done in the Tesco as I passed on by.

By the time all that trauma was over I was fifty minutes later home than normal and my enthusiasm for the run had, like Elvis, left the building. In any case, I've a long one planned for tomorrow so I guess I'll be rested nicely for it. Twenty eight miles on the cards - but I have an escape route to cut it back to twenty one if time is defeating me. I'm not going to be missing the night out in good old Bristol tomorrow night. That, my friend, you can take to the bank.

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