Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Tired With It

And oh what a laboured run we did endureth this mid-noon time. We threatened to bottle out completely but in the end Martin and I braved the day and ran.

We opted for the Malago loop because, well, we plain didn't fancy 'The Hill' as it is not known. My legs felt heavy. Operation treacle was in full swing. It was one of those runs where from the very off you start counting down the distance. As anyone knows that never helps the time pass quickly and so it came to pass that the thirty three minute run - read, painfully slow - seemed more like an hour - not back of the net, in fact, I think that shot on goal just went out for a throw-in!

Still, we felt more happy about it once we got back inside. It was one of those runs neither of us wanted to do but knew we should. So when it was all over we at least had the satisfaction of having not given in to lethargy.

Onwards and upwards. I almost forgot. Another hour on the bike tonight and that's my lot. I think I will give the super long run a miss tomorrow. Maybe head to the Malverns or more likely a couple of easy hours in the forest might be on the cards...

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