Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Preparation - nope, you're not getting a third - I'm not that prepared. Been getting ready for Friday's race but not there yet. I've constructed my list but will finish off getting my kit up together until tomorrow night.

My additional gear has begun to arrive - good old Amazon. Waterproof gloves, overtrousers and hydration tablets are sorted. Fingers crossed the gels and, more importantly, the waterproof socks arrive tomorrow - apparantly they've been despatched. The socks are the most important thing for me. Apparantly the race route has a large section of peat bog - I can hardly wait, I love trudging across miles of unending, soggy, bogland. Can't face all those miles of wet...

I'm right into the taper now. Only an hour on the bike. No row. Nothing else. Tomorrow I shall just plain put my feet up - and eat pasta of course. Other than I think I'm ready.

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