Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Bloody Road Works

Why are they doing this to me? Highway Authority bastards. I hate them with a passion most can only dream of. Why bother causing road chaos replacing a set of traffic lights that aren't broken? Hast thou not heard of the old adage, 'If it ain't broke don't frickin' fix it'? - Obviously not. Seriously though what is the point of replacement before they break? To stop road chaos when they break you might think? But from the chaos the road works are causing they might as well maximise the life, save a bit of money by eeking the last bit of life out of the old lights and just do a bit of planning to be ready to replace when they do break. End of the day, waiting till they break won't actually cause any more disruption than they are managing to do now. Put me in charge. I'll get things sorted. I'll put things to right. Through the application of common sense - and I'm quite common - I'll sort this country out. Just gimme' a chance. Vote me for president - you know it makes sense.

Oooooommmm. Ooooooommmm. Right, calm now.

Tonight I got home late - no, mustn't kick off - and shot straight into the kitchen to prepare tea. A lovely Sweet and Sour Hong Kong style stew, extra hot. Then it was an hour on the bike, a 2k row and abs, press-ups and pull-ups. All done. Feet up.

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