Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gonna Be Like The Old Old Days

The days when I raced. Then raced a little more...

In the firing line after yesterday's Bridge Inn is the first race in this years Chepstow's Handicap series, a five mile blast through the woods. Moving forward to Saturday it's the easy, almost flat 15 mile Llanbedr To Blaenafon fell race - I'm lieing about it being flat by the way. Rounding off the four races in six days will be leg four of the Bitton Road (cycle path) Relay on Sunday. A flat - and this one really is - five miler along, yes, the Bitton to Bath cycle path. Gonna be just like good old days...

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Anonymous said...

thats not enuf Dave, 2more races sunday 3k @noon then 1500 bit l8r at y8
that makes 6races in 7days unless u wan2 try yor luk inda sprints, a sub 30s 200 wud round things off nicely

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