Monday, March 14, 2011

Lazy Hazy Days

I had a day off from work to 'sort out' a few things. That done it was time to make hay in the glorious, if a little hazy, sunshine. After the tiredness of the weekend I decided an easy run from home was in order and so set out to conquer May Hill via a meandering, scenic route.

At first I followed one of my normal routes up to Hobbs Quarry before hitting Huntley Hill. Then as I ran over HH I spotted a path I've never trod before and followed it. A nice, if somewhat boggy, variation to add the repertoire. Then it was back to the norm as, well, that's enough of that. Suffice to say I covered just over nine miles and about 1,750 feet of ascent in a very very modest 90 minutes - but to be fair to myself, I did keep stopping to admire the hazy view because, and I don't know if I said this before, it was a bloody glorious day.

Going to ease out the legs with thirty minutes on the bike later but for now I relax...

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