Sunday, March 06, 2011

Long Time Dead

Probably shouldn't have but I did. No, not the Long Mynd, that truly would have been bonkers - although I am sad to have missed such a great race. Today it's painful just walking. I did however, hop on the bike for a decent sixty minutes. Not on full whack but not hard enough - stop it - to know I was exercising.

Now I know there are those who would cringe at exercising the day after such a huge run. Coaches who would forbid it. Resting is for wimps and anyway, I don't play by the rules. What's right for me is simply what I feel like doing. Loose cannon, that's me. And you know what? For all the looseness of my cannon - sssh, no - my legs do feel better for it. Walking is just a fraction less painful. Descending the stairs just a few seconds quicker. For the coming week my plan is to take things easy but not stop. Lots of bike. Some row and all the delights of core body work.

Right now, I'm itching to get my hands on the High Peak results. To see how we did. I know I should have done better. I make no excuses. I thought I was ready for the vastness of the challenge. I prepared the best I could at such short notice and I certainly gave it respect. The lessons will be learnt. My weaknesses addressed. This is just the start of a new era of mad running...

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