Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dundry For Lunch, Bicycle For Dinner

The fatigue really showed though. My legs felt OK as we - that's Martin and I - headed out from work towards the Dundry climb. Martin has missed a few weeks of running with one thing or another and this was our first luncher for a while. He still had the better of me.

My breathing was laboured and if I was wearing a heart rate monitor I suspect it would have been reading a higher value than it should for the slow pace we were travelling at. It just shows, you don't just run with your legs. Your cardiovascular system plays a pretty important role too - and mine was showing the fatigue induced by the High Peak Marathon. I'm not recovered from it yet, that's for damn sure.

We reached the top in a slow time and it didn't improve on the run in. On the steep descent I managed to close the gap to Martin, who'd stolen a march as we rounded the top. Due, in part, to the fact my legs were OK and I could shift 'em quick with the aid of gravity to ease the cardio effort. But after that he got away from me again and finsihed thirty seconds clear. I was round in just over thirty two minutes which wasn't bad considering.

Tonight I am currently in the middle of a 60 minute session on the exercise bike before I retire to the comfy sofa.

Today's route:-

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