Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lunch Was Run

and Martin killed me - in a being left far far behind in a running sense. I didn't even try to keep up. He shot off like a scolded cat and was almost out of sight within minutes. My legs felt heavy at the start - and the feeling remained throughout. I'm not unduly worried though. I don't need speed at the moment, just raw unadulterated endurance. On that front I remain confident. My weight is steady, I feel fit and my core is strong - the abs are looking right 'Peter Andre'.

We ran the anti-clockwise Dundry route - which has pretty much a mile of climb - and I went up steady and strong. Not quick - that was Martin's job today. I was a minute down at the top - nice oxymoron-type-thing - but stopping was never entertained - as has in previous weeks.

I continued steady from the top and eased on back down to complete the run in a slow 32 minutes. I've been two minutes quicker but it's all about staying power and that's ok. I'm putting in more training these days than I ever have. I wouldn't say I'm running more but once I factor in the bike sessions and rowing I'm definitely clocking up more monthly hours. Last month I clocked up over 50 hours of cardio. This month is similarly placed...

Oh, bike session tonight of course - do I really need to write that?

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