Friday, March 18, 2011

Looking Bloody Good

For tomorrow if the weather even halfway approaches the forecast. If the predicted weather holds true then I am in for a treat.

I've got my route sorted for the recce of Stage Three of the South Wales Traverse. Going to drive over to the car park on the hill a few miles past the Talybont Reservoir and then ease over, using the most direct route possible, to the Storey Arms from where the third stage starts. Once there it's just a case of following the route as closely as possible. I say 'just' but even on a good day things can go wrong so I shall be paying utmost attention at all times - while enjoying the views of course.

I've a pretty good idea of all the best lines but I'm going to try something different - but not completely so - from Y Gyrn to Bwlch Duwynt. I'm going to see how the 'loop round' works as opposed to the 'drop down' route. I'm a firm believer in 'minimise the ascent' but not to the point where it's shit terrain. After tomorrow I'll know the best way - to my mind, anyway.

From there I know the route over to Alt Lwyd pretty well. Although I've only ever run the cut across to Alt Lwyd itself just once before. Got a good gps plot from the last time so it should be fine. From there I'll take my time to make sure I get a good feel for the drop to Abercynafon before heading up the other side of the valley to the main track and heading west... - to the car, not into the sunset. I'm aiming for an earlish start so if I see the sunset I'll be having a mare.

Tonight I eased back with an hour of you know what - no matron. Feet up and relax...

Tomorrow's Route:-

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