Monday, December 27, 2010

X Marks The Spot

It was the day of the Stotts Treasure Hunt and it was great fun. I guess there was about 30 of us out there in the Wye Valley. But before I write another word I'd like to thank the Stotts for a great day. They must've worked so hard to put together all the control points - some thirty odd - and the associated clues.

It was sort of orienteering - pick your own route to reach various point scoring locations and answer the associated question.

From the gun I headed out to control point one. From there I split away from the pack to rack up a fifty pointer up on Offas Dyke. I was now on my own but using my self proclaimed brilliant sense of direction I was soon passing people all the while taking detours to rack up bonus check points. By control nine (of 14) I realised I couldn't reach 10, 11 or 12 so diverted to take four bonus controls before hitting 13, 14 and one final bonus score. I got back one minute inside the penalty time - after which you lose ten points per minute - perfect timing.

In all I covered about 12k and 1,400 feet of ascent in the snow and ice and it was great. Then it was inside to the warm for some grub. I didn't win the race but having had a great day I'd say we were all winners.

Finished off back home with thirty minutes on the bike. And now its time to put my feet up with another Christmas film - if I can find one...

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