Friday, December 31, 2010

Return Of The Mad Runner

2011 is gonna be the year the Mad Runner comes home. Starting tomorrow.

I'm off to run my first score orienteering event tomorrow - but that ain't the mad bit. No the mad bit is the nine mile run to the start at Mallards Pike in the heart of the forest - and then the nine miler back home afterwards. And in case you're not sure, that's the mad bit!

Today Martin and I managed another lunch run. Our first back to back ever. The start of a new dawn. I ran strong again as we tested each other. Each pushing the pace a little only for the other to ease back alongside. Martin still has the edge but I've definitely improved. He felt the pressure. No bike tonight though - the Mad Runner is allowed a day off now and then.

Well anyway, time to wave a big, but not so fond, farewell to 2010 and the last few years - it's been a lesson if nothing else. Tomorrow is the start of something big... and ladies, you can consider this hunk, a hunk of burning love back on the market - and with low mileage, mot, road tax, full service history and having undergone a recent full re-tune is an offer you can't refuse....... or maybe you can? Look into my eyes, not around my eyes, right into my eyes, and relax....

Happy bloody New Year everybody. Let's make Two Thousand and Eleven a god damn f$%king brilliant one. The year the Mad Runner returns....

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