Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Missed Appointment

Yes, the lunch time run was off the menu. As happens, work comes first - when at work, that is - and today I was. The snow could not keep the force, that is the mad runner, at bay and I got to work without issue. It's just a shame work did what the weather couldn't. And the return journey home was just as sucessful.

Tonight I peddled my way to a solid 75 minutes on the bike. My last ever bike session ever - as a thirty eight year. For sooth, my friends - and, I suppose, those that aren't - tomorrow I reach the fine old age of thirty nine - ooh scary. But at heart, I still have the mind of a child and long may that continue.

With great age, comes great responsibilty. And to that responsibiliy I'm tempted by the Gloucester Marathon at the end of January. I said never again for the marathon but hell, never say never again. If I can crack 3:15 this year I can claim a guaranteed London spot next year - one of my earliest running goals. Have to say, although not in marathon shape, it doth tempt me greatly. Plus it could kick off my South Wales Traverse training. For those not in the know, this year is the Chinese year of the ultra long run...

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