Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting Serviced

The car, that is. Picked what I thought would be a quite day to nip along to Feeder Road - and as written in the prophecy, it did come to pass. In fact, the traffic at 'Early O'clock' was so quiet I had to wait around for a while before the garage opened. Still, gave me time to catch up on the days news.

Finally dropped off the keys before donning my skimpy cat suit for the 3 mile run to work, with my office clothes safely stowed aboard my trusty running pack. And I was off. Dodging around the early morning pedestrians and cutting a swath through the traffic I arrived in no time - read 23 minutes. Showered, freshened and fully clothed I set about the days work.

With the lunch time Tuna baguette safely consumed I carried on into the early hours - of the afternoon - before once again donning my cat suit for the run back to collect my car are part with hard cash [wipes a tear].

Surprisingly the traffic remained light and I was home for tea as quick as a flash - a flash, that has to be said, took just over the hour to reach its destination - so I guess not really that much of a flash really.

Once home it was time for forty minutes on the bike before I could call it quits and head for the kitchen to cook myself up a tasty treat. Chicken and tomato pasta - I luvs pasta - and pies, I luvs pies too but I'm saving that for tomorrow.....

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