Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lunch And Dinner Too

Despite the threat of 'weather' we headed out at lunch time. Once again we headed north from the A38 towards and, this time, around the quarry. It was a bit soggy underfoot but still traversable in road flats. And despite appearing flat on paper there was actually 500 feet of ascent. Not quite 'the Dundry run' but a couple of the hills got us puffing. And we were out there for a respectable 40 minutes - although three or four of those were spent map reading. I hasten to add we didn't go wrong. Luckily we got back inside the warm of head office before the rain came. In all we covered about 5 miles.

Not content with the run I put in another 60 minutes on the bike. Now I'm happy. When I say happy I don't mean happy in the sense of a year ago but I think I'm about as satisfied as I'm going to get of late.

Every day, in a little, small way, I'm inching forward with my life...

Best of all my weekend starts here - whoo hoo

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