Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ebb And Flow

This week has so far been ebb all the way. The lunch run did not happen. The document I'm working on is up to 188 pages and my calves are still buggered. Guess I really gave it everything trying keep ahead of someone in a race on Sunday. In that I failed but not by much. The price, however, I am paying now. Anyway, I am hopeful tomorrow will be another day - to be fair, I'm certain of it. The lunch run is yet again rescheduled but come rain or shine we will run tomorrow.

And then my weekend starts. I'm off to Gloucester Quays Friday to get some new gear for the party season. This bad boy is getting suited up and then I'm out to get to every god damn party I can.

Oh, and can you guess, more bike tonight. Better than nothing though.

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