Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feeling Fine

Now normally I write a bit of preamble here but f@^k it - I had a bloody good run at lunch time. There I couldn't hold it in. It wasn't the hilliest. Nor the fastest but, as Tony would say, it felt greeeaaaaatttt.

Graham joined Martin and I as we ran a fairly flat route around the office. Probably about 7k I'd guess. We ran steady until we got into the Malago (spelling? Who cares) park. Then, having been given permission I dropped out the front door as my pace picked up. And for the last three-ish kilometres my pace just kept increasing. By the finish I was bombing. I really was. And it felt great, very nearly like the old me, the me of yester-year. Tonight I finished off the days exploits with forty minutes on the bike.

Got another lunch run planned for tomorrow and then Saturday there's something called orienteering? - what's that all about?

I feel like the new year has started already. Have I recieved a blown to the head? - no, stop it, sssh, no, matron! I feel like a new man and it's all down to friends new and old. Some in real life and other in the imaginery one but all much valued and hopefully I'll meet some of those imaginery ones. All of which leads me to wrap this up before it all gets too weird. Been, and I don't say this lightly, just what the doctor ordered.

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