Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making A Hash Of It

It was a great day for it - fnah - the Tintern Hash Run. Running out from the Fountain Inn we headed, well I don't know really, seeing as I don't run over that way very often - read, once a year at the hash. There were thirty three of us and the pace was leisurely. The conversation flowed. It was good fun. A very social run. It's not really meant to be a race and I think everyone enjoyed it.

On other matters, I took out 'son of cap cam' for a spin. It ran out of battery after about an hour - on account of the fact that I forgot to charge it up ahead of the race. I've yet to examine the footage but hopefully I will have something I can edit up into a short. I stopped half way round for about five minutes to try and capture most of the runners on film as they topped out one of the climbs. That stop dropped me way back down the field - let he who is first go last.

After that short stop I set off back towards the front before finally catching the leader with half a mile to go. He had done the work so I held back to give him the win - but it's not really a race anyway.

In all we covered just over seven miles and a reasonable 1,400 feet of ascent. A good Saturday morning run. Then it was into Fountain for a drink, a chat and 'meat' Thai curry. All very nice but all to soon it was time to head home to prepare for tonight's drinking session in Bristol...

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