Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Short But Long

And I'm going to get Strong. Ding Dong.

It wasn't the longest of routes - seven to seven and a half miles. It wasn't the hilliest of routes - 1,200 feet of ascent. And it certainly wasn't the quickest I've run. But it was bloody lovely out there. Cold? Yes. Too cold? No. I'd say just about perfick.

I ran over and up May Hill, across the top and down and up to Huntley Hill before heading back on the road. It was god damn slippy though and so much harder work than normal - hence the exceptionally slow time for seven and a bit miles - almost seventy minutes! Shocking.

The views from the top were... non-existent. It was an almost total white out. In fact it was so white across May Hill I couldn't even make out the undulations of the ground. It was just contrast-less whiteness for as far as the eye could see - which wasn't far. I was almost snow blind.

I'm going to finish off today's workout with an hour on the bike. Ding Dong.

Today's route:-

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