Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fifty Fifty

What a cracking day. It wasn't going to be a day when I missed getting out for a run. The snow was crisp - maybe not so deep - but certainly even. The temperature hovered around zero but the sun shone and it looked great out. One of the few days over the last six months where life is worth living. And as a bonus it's the wrinklies night out tonight - whoop, whoop, toot, toot.

I headed into Flaxley Wood for about six miles with eight hundred feet of ascent. It was a bit rutted in places but that all helps to build strong ankles - provided you don't break 'em! And I wasn't the only runner out there. Using my apache tracking skills I could determine from the stride length and tread pattern that someone else had blaised me a trail. As to the actual run I took things very steady but got back in a surprisingly quick time. One of my quickest and I hardly broke into a sweat.

Well anyway, safely back home and into the warm I now sit aboard the good ship exercise bike to finish today's workout with an hour on the bike. Another double day of exercise - back of the net. Everyday, in every way I am feeling fitter and fitter.

Bedroom with a view

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