Saturday, June 19, 2010

You'd think they want you to

go thrashing around all over their crops trying to locate the public rights of way. I decided to follow a bit of the Three Peaks path, then picked up the Two Rivers way before heading back on the return leg of the Three Peaks. It was great weather for it. Just the right side of too hot.

Some bits of the route were excellently clear - some bits were not. On one particular section I followed the way markers into a field and after tramping around the edges, up and down, up and down, couldn't see any sign of a stile, gate or crossing point. It's like those stupid f#'&er farmers want you to flatten their crops or something. Here's an idea, why not trim back your bush - stop it - so we can get straight to the point and leave your field with minimal disruption. One thing you can be assured of, Mr Nobhead Farmer, is that by letting things grow wild, covering all trace of our ancient public rights of way, is not the way to stop us exercising those rights. We aren't going to go away and ultimately it just means we trample more of your crop than we need to - or want to. It's your call - I just guess you ain't a very clever man, Mr Nobhead. Moan over - f#@$ers.

I wasn't feeling great before the run. Sore throat and all. The throat isn't feeling any better now - funnily, it feels a little worse. To be honest I'll put up with that. I ran slightly further than I planned, in all just over eleven miles with 1,500 feet ascent. But I feel better in myself for having run. I was beginning to get down with not getting to run so I'll suffer the consequences like a mouse - I mean, man - squeak. Running is the life raft that I cling to...

The route (with many ditherings)

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