Monday, June 21, 2010

Lost in Milton Keynes

Up at the crack of dawn - nice girl - I had a decent journey up. No major hold ups meant two and a half hours later I arrived at the training center at quarter to nine. The course has been very interesting so far and I've learnt at lot already - with four more days to go, I'll be a rocket scientist. Lunch was in the MK-Dons Stadium restaurant - a two minute walk from the training venue. Very nice, very nice.

I headed straight to the hotel after the finish, donned my kit and headed out for a run. For those that don't know MK, it's all very samey. Footpaths and roundabouts. That's pretty much all there is to it. Footpaths and roundabouts. Yep, that's about the measure of it. I had an idea in mind to head east and pick up the river and it's north south path for an out and backer - I never made.

A profusion of paths sent me northwards too soon. With the plan out the window I just ran. Left. Right. Straight on - and sometimes backwards but not too many times. I travelled them all. Eventually I found myself out in the countryside. Was I concerned? Well, actually, yes, a little. Anyway, I picked up the North Bucks Way which seemed to be going my way - by this time, that's south. And some minutes later I was back in the suburbs.

I ran on. Randomly guessing my way until eventually I spied the Hotel. Once in view I headed for it. Under a road crossing and up the other side, shit where'd it go? Ah, there it is. Bugger, it's no closer. Under another crossing. Bollocks, it's gone again. Ten minutes later and numerous road crossings I finally managed to get back. Weird. Very weird.

I was out for an hour and fifteen and covered just under ten miles which I'm reasonably pleased with. Not too bad a pace considering the stop start nature of the run as I made my route decisions.

Then it was into the pub for some grub - chippies...

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