Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Made it to the water this time

Well I managed to find the canal tonight.

Another interesting day on the course, then straight to the hotel at five before heading out. I spent an extra few minutes perusing the map before I got out there though. Determined to find the river - or as I discovered when I got there - the canal, the 'force' got me there this evening.

Too hot though, far too hot so I only managed about six and a half miles - but at least I got out there. And unlike Monday I managed to locate the hotel in one upon my return - although I almost stopped at Mr Whippies van.

Showered and into the bar for food I ordered the Gammon, Egg and Chippies - gert lush. And oh what service, I had barely sat my arse at the table - that is, on a chair by the table, not actually on the table - than the goods arrived - and they were indeed good, hardly touching the sides as it went down.

As I sit now, typing this, I stare down at my ever growing gut - and it stares back. Is it winking at me? No, but it's definitely bigger than it should be. Either I'm going to have to start running more or cut down on the pies. This staying in hotels is bad for you. Very very bad.

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