Friday, June 25, 2010

Back home

Well I finished the course - have the certificate to prove it. What a load of nob. I don't want a certificate. I went on the course to learn stuff. I learnt. Job's a good 'un. I don't need a piece of paper to tell me that. Anyway, it was five days well spent. I am now totally expert on all things Allen-Bradley.

No training going on here today. The drive home was uneventful if a little hot - even with the auto climate control thingy doing its thing on the cat walk. It's been a long week so it's feet up to the max ahead of the Cotswold relay tomorrow. I've retained stage 6 after lots of tactical - and some not so tactical - switching, so I'll will be heading to Stroud for my one o'clock kick off. I'm sensing a hot one so I'll be taking the camel.

I've not managed to arrange anything on the car sharing front so I've decided to drive there, park the car, race the stage and then jog back. That way at least I get a good long run - 18 miles total plus ascent. Just need to remember to take some cash to purchase some refreshment in Dursley before I head back. It will be a good gauge as to how ready I am to attempt the Greenman Challenge. I reckon it's a goer - but I guess the next 24 hours will tell me if it's otherwise.

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