Sunday, June 06, 2010

Brain ache

Today's another rest day - at least for the body. I've been cross referencing the Green Man instructions with my maps and Google's satellite views. Stages 1 to 5 are pretty well covered but now my head hurts. I've been at it for hours - stop it. Possibly two and a half hours worth tracing the route out.

I wanted to try and get the whole route roughed out but Bradley Stoke has broken me. The sad thing is that there are less instruction points but that hasn't stopped it confusing the hell out of me. If I was a guessing man I would guess I might be taking a few detours on Leg 6. The power of Bradley Stoke.

Anyway, I'm knocking it on the head for now. Oh yeah, and another thing, I've noticed a number of definite short cuts to the Green Man challenge route as compared to the Community Forest Path - but I'll not mention it if you don't.

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