Monday, June 28, 2010

What to spend it on?

Decision, decisions. What to spend my £1.24 interest - before tax - on? It's a tough one. After tax I come up 0.8 pence short of a lottery ticket. hang on while I search down the back of the sofa... Nope, no joy there. Guess I'll have to invest it. Now what's the number of my financial advisor...

My legs are really feeling it today. Even worse than yesterday. The old second day delayed thingumy bollocks has kicked in. Least I know I ran it hard on Saturday. Going to put in another bike session tonight ahead of tomorrow's Bridge Inn race.

I've been looking through the up and coming races and I've picked out a few I'm going to try and run. Here's the list;

First up - after tomorrow's Bridge, that is - Sundayshill 10k on the 8th.
Then, hopefully, a crack at the Greenman - providing it's cooled down a bit, it's not a race, but a target never the less.
After that it's the double header - it'll be my first for a while - of Pen y Fan and Fan y Big - snigger - on the weekend of the 17th/18th.
Followed the week after by the Seaview 17 on the 25th - always an enjoyable romp around the coast line.
And finally another double header of Waun Fach and Magor Marsh 10k on the 31st/1st

Well, that's it, I'm off.

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