Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh deary me

I'm slow. I couldn't even get inside 20 minutes at the Bridge Inn 5k. That is pants. Extreme, total and utter pants. Skiddy pants.

I took it out steady. 4 minutes dead for the first k. Then I settled and ran back to back 3:56s for next two k's before collapsing in the 4th, out to 4:07 before finishing in 20:10. I have zero speed. No, make that, negative speed. At least, on other fronts, my endurance is building. My legs still ache from the Cotswolds but that's no excuse to running so slow. I know I said I was finished with speed work but I'm going to have to try and run some 800's and mile reps - sometime, and hopefully soonish. I just wish this damn heat wave would pass. It was so humid tonight. I hate the heat.

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