Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Knocking it out early

Early, in this case, being lunchtime.

Martin and I set off on the Dundry route in hot, humid conditions - and the pace was hot too. It was like Martin hadn't run for a week. Hang on, he hasn't run for a week. He had a fresh set of legs - a set obviously much faster than mine - I'm thinking of taking mine back and getting a refund.

From the off the pace was much quicker than that of my solo run last week. I struggled to keep up along the flat but just about held it together to the top. Thirty seconds quicker.

The run down to the A38 was hindered by a shoe lace coming undone. I had to stop to retie and when I looked up Martin was out of sight - to be fair, there were a few bends in the road. But by the time we got to a straight bit he REALLY was miles ahead! I tried to chase but I knew there was sod all chance of closing the gap.

He finished fifty seconds ahead but I was fifty seconds quicker than last week so I was pretty happy all in all.

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