Thursday, June 03, 2010

Melting away

I managed to get out for a run at lunchtime. The old up and over Dundry jobber. Picked the day for it. It was baking.

My hopes of a quickie - stop it - were low. I got to the top about forty seconds down on my best so it wasn't looking too bad really - not liking the heat though. Me? I'm a cold weather runner. Give the frost and the snow anytime - just kidding.

From the top I coasted down to the main road and cruised back in - although cruising is slightly overstating things - it was bloody hard work in the conditions.

My time was OK. Not my fastest but not down with the slowest either. Some might say, towards the middle.

Then it was in for a shower, a Tuna baguette with JalapeƱo peppers and a coke - not at the same time, mind. That would be mental - the bread would get all soggy - and I'd have no where to stick my cola - ooh er!


buryblue said...

I could eat your lunch now you've made me hungry

The Mad Runner said...

It was tasty :)

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