Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Big thanks

to Chepstow Harriers for giving me a spot in their Cotswold team - well, one of them, not all four, that would be silly. As a recently joined member I'm grateful they've given me a spot in the 'A mixed team' and I will not let them down. I know I'm not as fast as once I was but I am continuing to claw my way back and I'm definitely getting back my old strength - if not the speed.

I've landed stage six, Ebley Mill into Dursley, the third shortest - which is fair enough at my current level of ability. Hopefully I can sort out a recce on the weekend with the others running that stage - but if I can't tempt any of them out I might tempt myself to sneak in another long run by doing a straight out and back recce from Dursley. After all, it'll only be 18 miles - that's not even that long, really.

It was another bike session today. A long work day on site, walking and standing around left my poor feet achy - that's my excuse (and I'm sticking to it).

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