Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well again

The sore throat is no more - which is nice. My hip is a bit sore so I decided to do a bike session instead - especially as I realised it was the European Team Championships - to which I had missed day one and most of day two - and could watch while I rode. It was good to see Pavey running well. She didn't win but she didn't lose lightly. Also, second to the Russians is a good effort. Anyway, I had a good solid effort on the bike. Sweating buckets by the end - nothing a cool shower didn't fix though.

I'm off for a week of training to one of England's most historic cities, steeped in ancient history - Milton Keynes. Historic, that is, if your idea of history starts circa 1960. I'll be taking my running kit so hopefully I can get out once or twice but I'm not sure how scenic it's going to be.

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