Saturday, June 05, 2010

Not sure the official stats are quite right

A pb on the length of the title possibly? Anyway, I'm not so sure the official stage 6 Cotswold Relay ascent is on the money. Today I ran from Dursely towards Ebley (reverse of the route) until I hit the common above Ebley, turned around and ran back. My total recorded ascent was 2,900ft today. Extrapolating the data, combining in the fact that my start point (Dursley) was 100m below my end point (edge of the common at Ebley) - meaning that the split of the 2,900 feet ascent running in the race direction splits into less ascent and more in the reverse - but then factoring in the 150m official start point of stage 6 being below my end point (edge of the common...) I come out with total stage ascent at around 530m - and this is backed up by my measurements in Fugawi.

So, what am I saying? Yeah, what am I trying to say? Oh yeah, the course notes suggests 409m ascent on stage 6 but I am suggesting a whole lot more. So it may only be 14km but it's just taken a four to five hundred foot jump in the climbing. Still, it was a bloody nice run.

Once out of Dursley the route - and remember this is the reverse - heads across a few flatish fields before crossing a minor road and the first climb up to Cam Long Down. The views from the top were outstanding - well worth spending a few minutes to look around contemplating - especially if you are ahead of me on race day. Then there was a steepish descent across open fields before a very short road section and the second climb, heading into covered woodland.

The next few miles were nearly all through lovely woodland and undulating - quite steeply in places. The route pops out of the woods for another section across open fields before back into the woods again. I met GWRs Veronica and Simon there - possibly reccing the route do you think?

Finally I popped out of the woods overlooking Stroud. I took a few moments to espy the route across the common before turning tail and legging it all the way back. In all I covered about 14.5 miles with said 2,900 feet of ascent. It was a great route and a good run. I look forward to race day.

Once back to the car I saw a couple of ladies starting out towards Stinchcombe hill - reccing I reckon. Then as I pulled away another chap got out the car wearing running gear. A glance of recognition - he was definitely reccing...

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