Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not quite

Well we didn't get top three - don't know what we did - but the Chepstow woman took first while the mens team had a few difficulties. It's been a draining day. All that sun. All that sun block. Managed to stay free of burn - always a bonus.

I've downloaded my gps now and can confirm that the official 409m ascent is balls. The official gps data - which matches the map gradients - is... over 600m! There really wasn't much flat. Oh, and it was net up hill. All in all a much tougher leg than the 9 miles would have us all believe.

And I should say my plan to run back to get the car had to be cancelled on account of feeling bloody hot - and it would have taken me bloody ages to get back there, so many many thanks to my saviour who gave me a lift.

Well I'm done. Time for an overly late tea...

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