Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What a start to the year

I just posted my fastest 10k time for fifteen months!!! On a course that is not suited to fast times on account of the hill. It's not a massive hill but it takes its toll on the second lap. Never have I been more glad I didn't drink a thing the night before - scout's honour. There was definitely no Hangover for me at the Hangover 10k.

I finished the race in 12th place in a time of 37:53 which is only 12s slower than my PB. I have to believe, on the basis of my performance here today and in the Clevedon Boxing Day race, that I'm in shape to do some serious damage to my PB. I seriously might have to re-plan the race schedule - doh, that took me ages, bugger - to try and fit in a flat 10k. Not sure I can afford to wait until the spring for a serious attempt because I think I'm about to enter...... 'The Purple Patch' [cue Twilight Zone music, makes whoooooo ghostly noise face].

Phil P won the men's race in 32:30ish and Sian M the women's race in 39:00ish. Terry T picked up first V60 - his second win in a week. And well done to Weston AC and all the marshals for another smoothly organised race - topper.

Happy New Year to everyone - think I already said that somewhere. Now, if only everything else in my life could go as well as my running seems to be going....

Thought for the day: We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them. We say we love trees, yet we cut them down. And people still wonder why some people are afraid when they are told they are loved.

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