Thursday, January 10, 2008

Didn't even attempt...

to go down the gym or train in anyway what so ever. I decided from the moment I got up that today and tomorrow must be two days complete rest. I'm not going to lose anything by missing two days training - other than my mind - but I lost that years ago so that's not a problem.

In two days time I shall be as strong as an ox and as fit as a fiddle - what the hell does that mean anyway? Never understood what a fit fiddle actually is - perhaps I've heard the saying wrong - what the heck, who cares? Either way I will be ready for the Kymin fell race on Saturday followed by the Rough n Tumble on Sunday - I really need to find out where that race takes place. In fact, I need to find out where the Kymin takes place as well - somewhere near Monmouth I'm told.

So there we are. I am rambling totally and utterly tonight because I have nothing interesting to say. How long will you all continue to read I wonder? This is turning surreal on us all. Are you still reading?



Bet you've stopped now. No?

That's it. I've stopped.

I have, really, that's it.


There is no more. Go home. Finito.

Thought for the day: He who laughs last has not heard the bad news yet!

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