Friday, January 11, 2008

Not a lot

No training tonight. My quads are achy and I want to be ready for tomorrow. Still think I'm going to be strong come the race though. Even the forces of nature will not stop me.

Haven't really got much more to say tonight so I will leave you - and bore you at the same time - with my latest poetry creation. You can take it as the thought for the day - or not, the choice, my friend, is yours...

When your burdens heavy, and your heart sinks low
And the path winds on, but your feet won't go
When it's one step forward, two steps back
When you owe so much, but the funds you lack
When things go bad, as can happen to you
And there's so little time, and too much to do
When you try to smile, but all you do is cry
And life seems hard, beating all you try
Though the world is large, you don't seem to fit
Then it's time to fight, and you must not quit

PS, the concept comes from a poem I read on the
Internet a few months ago but the words are all mine.

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