Saturday, January 26, 2008

Using the supermarket

Some simple rules to follow when shopping at your local supermarket

1) Always pull into the side of the aisle when stopping to put something or your trolley.
2) Don't just suddenly stop in the middle of the aisle looking dazed for no apparent reason - you will be run over - and I mean you WILL BE RUN OVER.
3) Don't stop for a chat at the point in the aisle where other shoppers have politely pulled into the side - they didn't do that so you could BLOCK THE BLOODY AISLE!
4) And most importantly, f#@k off out of my way when I'm shopping at your supermarket - you will annoy me and I may have to mutter very quietly, but never the less audibly, under my breath as to what a complete tosser you are - or worse.

Now to something vaguely running - the Midland Cross Country Championships. I'm not sure of many results - that is to say I actually only know of one confirmed result. The U20 men took the silver. There is a possibility that the Senior Woman took the bronze in what turned out to be a very high quality field.

So there it is. I did bugger all today except walk a dog and do a bit of cheering in my broad Bristolian accent - apparently some people find that quite amusing. Anyway, I'm off to buff up my combine harvester...

Thought for the day: Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything.

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