Monday, July 23, 2007

Time trial triumph

I decided to go for a burn up tonight - only short distance mind you but a burn up never-the-less. I set myself a time trial on a route that a few of us used to do on a Wednesday night. It's about 7.5k, a bit up and down and more to the point I've never broken 30 minutes - my previous best being 30:32 - oops see what I did there, 'previous best', I think I might have given the game away - but who cares it's not like this is Harry Potter and the Tasty Marshmallows.

It rained a bit tonight, making the corners slippy but I piled it on from the start. It's so long since I've done the route that I couldn't remember any of the route timings so just had to keep my foot down. My previous best was set with the aid of pace makers but it's way harder to focus when you're out there solo.

Anyway, I just kept pushing, pushing. Eventually completing the course in 28:52 - 1:40 quicker than I've gone before and most importantly breaking the 30 minute barrier - all in all a terrific time trial triumph. Tomorrow will be an easy run with the gym crew.

Thought for the day: Who cares if it rains - it's only water.

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John Kynaston said...

Hi Dave. Thanks for your comment. The entry forms for next year's race will be out August/Sept. Watch out on the race web site. I'm off on holiday from today for two weeks so I'll get in touch when I'm back and we can have a chat about the race! John

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