Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Head in the clouds

The weather was fair today with the exception of low cloud. For a good distance of today's run I had my head in the clouds - shut it - really, I was up in the clouds - and it was pretty damn cold - especially when only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. By the time I headed down off the mountain my freezing hands were unable to operate my shoe laces when they came undone. Once down off the mountain for the final 10k stretch I soon warmed up.

I was pleased with the run but again it was more of a hike really. The conditions and terrain for about 1/3rd of the distance was just totally unrunnable. Visibility was down to about 50 metres on top so I was damn glad I had the route programmed in on the forerunner or else I would have been in trouble. There is no discernible route across the mountain so I had to totally rely on the programmed route. On the whole it was pretty good - apart from one vertical drop that I had to navigate around. And as an added bonus my gladiator fell shoes are gleaming after all the crystal clear (read cold) rivers and streams I had to run through!

It was another really energy sapping run but I ran pretty strong in the last 10k which took me way beyond the 'wall'. The total distance covered was around 25 miles and 7,500ft of climb. I'm pleased I put yesterday's poor effort behind me with a good, strong showing today. My legs are scratched to pieces from all the broom I had to climb over and my heels are bruised big style from all the pebbles and stones I had to run over - I hope they feel better tomorrow because they're sure as hell painful tonight.

Tomorrow is another rest day - aka a golf day - although I may try and fit in a short 30 minute recovery run then hopefully I can fit in one final long run on Friday.

Thought for the day: Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

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