Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lazy days

I couldn't be bothered to get out for a run today. Played golf though and, even though I say so myself, I played some of my best golf of the entire holiday. I was pinging the ball down the fairway. Really struck the ball well today and didn't really hit any shot off line. Even managed play with the same ball for the entire round as testament to that fact.

I could feel yesterday's run in my legs as I walked the course - and those couple of 65's run on my behalf - eh, lads.

I'm looking forward to coming home now. It's been a good break but I feel more tired now than before we arrived. Training wise it has been excellent. The number of tough, long runs I've put in has been great. I'm intending to run one final medium distance session tomorrow of maybe, 17 or 18 miles before we head back on Saturday.

Thought for the day: I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food!


Anonymous said...

I'm back in the land of the internet. I've just read your daily reports; glad to hear that you've not been slacking.
So you're coming home on Saturday; have you no faith in your ability with the mashie, or is it niblick, that you won't get through to the third round at Carnoustie? I'm still looking for your name on the leader board.
We'll put the lads through their paces on Wednesday to see if they really have been training.

The Mad Runner said...

Cheers Rick, see you Sunday

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